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    How to verify my email address?
    After you sign up, a verification email will be sent to your email address, click on the verification link inside it to verify your account. If you can’t find the verification email in your inbox then check your junk folder.
    How to find my friends?
    You can find your friends by using the friend finder at top bar:
    • 1. Click on Friends icon
    • 2. A box will appear with search field, type your friend name there
    • 3. Find his/her name and You will be redirected to your friend page.
    How to pick my teams?
    If you didn’t pick your teams at signup, then you can pick them in settings:
    • 1. From the top bar click on the settings icon then click settings
    • 2. In settings go to My Football settings to pick your teams
    What is MyTeam page?
    MyTeam page include your favorite club page and other clubs, which contains:
    • 1. Club community
    • 2. Team info such as squad, stadium, stats and transfers
    You can navigate through teams’ pages by clicking on team menu icon near team name.
    How to get access to MyTeam community?
    When you pick your favourite football club, you will have full access to its page in MyTeam section. Where you can add posts, comments and interact with teammates.
    How team ranks are determined?
    Team ranks are determined by the number of fans.
    What is Reputation?
    Reputation is a measuring system of how much you are recognized in football fanbase community.
    Reputation Reputation Level
    1000-5000 Regional
    5000-15k National
    15k-40k Continental
    40k + Wolrd Class
    How to get Reputation points?
    You earn reputation points by:
    • 1. Getting followers
    • 2. Getting comments on your posts
    • 3. Receiving cheers on your posts and comments
    What are my attributes?
    Currently there are two attributes:

    1. Loyalty
    • How much you are loyal to your teams (football club and national team). The moment you pick your team you will get 50% loyalty. If you change your team your loyalty will be significantly reduced.

      Loyalty is positively affected by:
      • - Activities on your team page
      • - Cheering your team in matches
      • - Commenting on your team matches
      Loyalty is negatively affected by:
      • - Changing your team
      • - Cheering against your team in matches

    2. Sociality

    • Measures how much you are engaged with Football fanbase community, and how others interact with you positively or negatively.

      Sociality is positively affected by:
      • - Following others
      • - Adding posts and comments
      • - Cheering others
      Sociality is negatively affected by:
      • - Receiving Yellow cards
      • - Getting blocked or reported

    *Note: there are daily limits for bonuses so spamming won't give you extra points.
    How to add league to my favorites?
    • 1. From results menu go to the league/competition you like
    • 2. From league profile (left column) click on the green (+) icon
    • 3. To remove league from the favourites menu then click the red (-) icon
    How to support players?
    You can support a player in two ways:
    • 1. From team page under squad section
    • 2. From player page which can be accessed by clicking on player name anywhere in the website
    How to block / report a user?
    • 1. Go to user page
    • 2. Above user profile picture, click the icon on the top left
    • 3. From the menu you can chose to block or report the user
    How to see Results and fixtures in my local time?
    You can change the time zone in settings page under account settings tab.
    Use this form to report any bug or problem, and we will work on it as soon as possible.
    We are happy to hear your opinions and answer any questions(s) you may have